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Sunday Sauce: You have the ability to touch the lives of many people.

You have the ability to touch the lives of many people.

By: Michael Barone

The half vacant booth couldn’t have cared less about the arrival of my soup.  One forlorn won ton lay floating on it’s back as I dumped soy sauce all over it.  I added two golden drops of spicy mustard.

 There was no more horsing around.  When the pot stickers showed up, I stared blankly into the three spare dumplings on the other side of the plate.

 Waiting for my glass of water to be refilled, I drowned the last of my wok-fried app, holding it under the house sauce long enough for my eyes to close for just a second.   My thoughts returned to my empty water glass.

 I’m an Ox, trustworthy with an open mind.  Oxen are compatible with Rats and Roosters.  We’re incompatible with Tigers and –

 Finally, a giant plate of Mongolian Beef arrived that was enough to feed a horse.  I wasn’t hungry anymore.  Blandly poking at the heap of brown and green, I knew I wasn’t going to finish it, but I also knew it wouldn’t go to waste.  Whiskey usually sparks my appetite.

The check came with a Styrofoam box, a single slice of orange, and a lone messenger.

 My fist landed maliciously, popping the unopened wrapper, crushing the fortune cookie, spilling crumbs onto the table.

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