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Sunday Sauce: Happy Mother’s Day (2003)

Happy Mother’s Day (2003)

By: Michael Barone

These poems are probably getting real old,

But I just left my job with no tips to hold.

I searched everywhere

To find something that’d fit.

Even went to a spa,

But couldn’t afford it.

Then I realized,

I don’t need material things to put me above.

All my mom wants

Is my never ending love.

She means the world to me,

And I love her to death.

I’ll always put up with her nagging,

And put up with her bad breath.

She makes me smile,

And completely fills her part.

So next time, even if it’s her,

I’ll claim the smelly fart.

She’s worth all the sacrifices,

I haven’t yet made,

And she’s worth the things I’ll get her,

If I ever get paid.

And when she gets old,

And wants to live near some trees,

I’ll put her in a home,

With a view, and cable tv.

She knows I love her,

As broke as I may,

I hope she has,

A Great Mother’s Day



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