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Govt Mule and Col. Bruce @ The Georgia Theatre

Govt Mule brought the heat to the Georgia Theatre in Athens Wednesday night.  I was even more surprised with Col. Bruce.  This man can PLAY.  His homeboy, AJ Ghent, can rip that slide too.  I smuggled my camera in and shot Col. Bruce, but as soon as Mule came out, they told me I couldn’t keep taking pictures.  LAME.  The few Mule shots I took from the front row before they caught me didn’t cut it.  It was funny too, because as soon as they told me to put my camera away, I  busted out the iPhone and started videoing.  Retarded.  I had a great time, and I still love the Georgia Theatre though.  Life is good.




Col. Bruce is the man!



AJ Ghent on the slide.


AJ Ghent


I really liked the sound guy's lights.


Warren from the crowd.


It was a great show.




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