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Russ! My Man!

Today, I am excited because I just heard the news.  Russ, former interim mascot for the Georgia Bulldogs, has now been promoted to Uga IX.  I knew he could do it.

Russ hangs out between the hedges at Sanford Stadium during the New Mexico State game in Athens, Ga. on Nov. 5, 2011.

Lords of Ducktown

After watching the Dogtown and Z Boys documentary, Tyler Rogers and I decided to put together a sesh of our own on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 in Ducktown, Tenn.




If I’m ever blessed to be with a woman worthy of my hand in mariage, this song will play at our wedding.

Sunday Sauce: Happy Mother’s Day (2003)

Happy Mother’s Day (2003)

By: Michael Barone

These poems are probably getting real old,

But I just left my job with no tips to hold.

I searched everywhere

To find something that’d fit.

Even went to a spa,

But couldn’t afford it.

Then I realized,

I don’t need material things to put me above.

All my mom wants

Is my never ending love.

She means the world to me,

And I love her to death.

I’ll always put up with her nagging,

And put up with her bad breath.

She makes me smile,

And completely fills her part.

So next time, even if it’s her,

I’ll claim the smelly fart.

She’s worth all the sacrifices,

I haven’t yet made,

And she’s worth the things I’ll get her,

If I ever get paid.

And when she gets old,

And wants to live near some trees,

I’ll put her in a home,

With a view, and cable tv.

She knows I love her,

As broke as I may,

I hope she has,

A Great Mother’s Day



Warren Haynes Band @ The Georgia Theatre

The Warren Haynes Band brought the heat to the Georgia Theatre in Athens, Ga. on Tuesday, April 17, 2012.





Sunday Sauce: You have the ability to touch the lives of many people.

You have the ability to touch the lives of many people.

By: Michael Barone

The half vacant booth couldn’t have cared less about the arrival of my soup.  One forlorn won ton lay floating on it’s back as I dumped soy sauce all over it.  I added two golden drops of spicy mustard.

 There was no more horsing around.  When the pot stickers showed up, I stared blankly into the three spare dumplings on the other side of the plate.

 Waiting for my glass of water to be refilled, I drowned the last of my wok-fried app, holding it under the house sauce long enough for my eyes to close for just a second.   My thoughts returned to my empty water glass.

 I’m an Ox, trustworthy with an open mind.  Oxen are compatible with Rats and Roosters.  We’re incompatible with Tigers and –

 Finally, a giant plate of Mongolian Beef arrived that was enough to feed a horse.  I wasn’t hungry anymore.  Blandly poking at the heap of brown and green, I knew I wasn’t going to finish it, but I also knew it wouldn’t go to waste.  Whiskey usually sparks my appetite.

The check came with a Styrofoam box, a single slice of orange, and a lone messenger.

 My fist landed maliciously, popping the unopened wrapper, crushing the fortune cookie, spilling crumbs onto the table.

Sunday Sauce: An Icy Evening


An Icy Evening

By: Michael Barone

She took me to the top of the crystal hills.

For luck, we only roll twenty-dollar bills.

It feels cold tonight.

Am I alright?

Answering a pack of Camel Lights,



Who’s calling me?”

I can’t seem to grasp reality.

The stars are moonshine.

Send me a sign with a chaser.

My life is a pencil without an eraser.

My eraser is separate.

I’m feeling too desperate.

I’ll fight to the death,

Every breath.

I’m wishing for death,

Holding my breath.

Tears roll in with the tide,

As I glide,

As I wish not to hear my own thump,

As I jump.

Sunday Sauce: We Are Visual Creatures – A Social Experiment in Downtown Athens, Ga. on March 17, 2012

I was randomly talking about facial hair the other day, and I realized that my hands were all over my face.

It was as though I couldn’t describe it without doing the pondering chin rub.

I put it to the test.

Was I different from everybody else?  Or is this just one of those things that everybody does subconsciously?

I took the idea downtown to the heart of Athens, Ga. and I asked people one simple question.

Q: “What is a goatee?”

For my friends that I went out with… I was very annoying.

For the people that I was asking… I was very annoying,

But I got results.




A: “A goatee is a flavor savor that you don’t have the fucking ambition to shave.”

A peak into a typical Monday at the lot…



Sunday Sauce: Underneath The Willow Tree


Underneath the Willow Tree

By: Michael Barone

I was underneath the willow tree until it got the best of me.

It was destiny that implied itself as I lied by myself.

Selflessly it stood to say,

“It aint easy to throw the things you love away,

But if they don’t love you then why should they stay?”