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Bear Creek Falls

I’d been in Telluride, Co for three days when John Meason called me Monday morning.  “You ready to do something?”


I had just bought all my gear the day before, and still wasn’t used to the lack of oxygen in the mountain air.  “Yea, I reckon.  What you got in mind?”


“Bear Creek Falls.  It’ll be easy.”


I took this picture when I was almost to the spot that I thought was the top.


The San Juans


Maya came too.


Look at them toes.


By this time I was doing the Grandpa Shuffle trying to make it up the final stretch. This photo came after an epic breather.


Bear Creek Falls is frozen.


Frozen Motion


You can still hear the water running beneath the ice.


Things get cold in the shade at the top of a mountain.


Even the pup got cold.


Time to take the trail back down.


Screw Texas. Everything's bigger in Colorado.

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